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Caribbean Foothills- Braulio CArrillo National Park

Where we will stay...

Tapirus Lodge Exterior.jpg
Tapirus Lodge.jpg

Tapirus Lodge

✓  2 Nights Accommodation 

✓  Private Bedroom

✓  Private Bathroom

✓  Walking Trails

What we will see...

The Caribbean Foothills are a unique and amazing bird watching destination

The rapid change in elevation from lowlands to high mountains means huge amounts of rain (over 20 feet annually). This produces a staggering plant diversity, which in turn brings in tons of birds, many endemic to this region

The Aerial Tram Tour is the only one of its kind in Costa Rica, and brings you up into the canopy for the chance to see birds that aren’t usually visible from the ground

Laughing Falcon
Laughing Falcon .jpg
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