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Meet The guides

Paul and Amanda Laurent are expert birders & naturalists who have keen eyes for spotting all kinds of wildlife. Their tours aren't just about birds (though there will be lots of birds! They give guests a full and unique nature experience in every place they explore.


In addition to their naturalist expertise, the husband and wife team have been exploring Costa Rica & Central America for years, and have found some of the most spectacular hidden spots far away from big tour buses. 

Paul and Amanda_CloudForest_edited.jpg

Paul and Amanda at the peak of Cerro de la Muerte. Savegre Valley, San Gerardo de Dota


Amanda has an almost supernatural ability to find all sorts of animals (especially sloths, which is her favorite animal!) She combines her knowledge and love of all animals with a degree in Psychology and an MBA from Coastal Carolina University, to provide guests with an adventurous and organized excursion. Not to mention her remarkable ability to keep Paul from getting sidetracked and distracted! Amanda's warm, caring personality, and fine attention to detail, make traveling across Costa Rica feel as easy and natural as if you were back home. 


Paul is a natural born nature tour guide who has an extensive knowledge of wildlife, history, and culture. Paul has a history degree from Gettysburg College but has always loved being outdoors. He keeps our trips entertaining with his witty (and punny) sense of humor. Paul doesn't just do birds, he will stop for any kind of wildlife and is not afraid to leap out into the thick of the jungle catch a snake, frog, or spider to show everyone. Sometimes he gets a little carried away but his excitement for nature is contagious and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the trip.

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