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Epic Florida Birding Tour (7 Days)

$1,845 per person

Florida is a great place to go birding in the winter. The weather is great and it's far enough south to be home to a totally different variety of birds and other wildlife. We will visit two great birding spots from central FL - Payne's Prairie Preserve and St Marks, home to an incredible variety of species of birds and more! While we won't cover as many areas, we will be able to enjoy a much more through and relaxed exploration of these two stunning areas.

We will meet at the Gainsville Regional Airport if you choose to fly, or if you're driving we will work out the best meeting place for this tour.

Price includes Lodging, Gourmet Meals prepared by Master Chef Amanda & Sous Chef Paul, & Transportation, but not airfare if you choose to fly.

Wood Stork Hunting.jpg

Join Paul & Amanda on an epic tour to some of the top birding destinations in the Carolinas and around the country!

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