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Bribri Indigenous Community

Travel by way of a motorized dug out canoe up river to the indigenous Bribri community of Yorkin. Yorkin is nestled deep in the jungle along the border of Panama and Costa Rica. There are nearly 300 indigenous people that live throughout the community. 

Spend the night in a traditional style Bribri house built the same way as it was thousands of years ago. Swim in the Yorkin River, and submerse yourself in the simple pleasures and beauty of life that the Bribri value so much.

✓ 1 Night Accommodation 

✓  Shared Room

✓  Shared Bathroom

*Each guest is provided with a screened tent with a mattress pad and clean linens. For this 1 night stay, guests will share a 4 story, open-air, round house that is of traditional Bribri construction. There are several full bathrooms with running water and locking doors for your privacy.

Cacao farming supports future generations

Explore a cacao farm, learn how chocolate is made, and savor the taste of fresh local fruit dipped in 100% cacao.

EcoTourism helps preserve the rich culture of the Bribri people.

Aventuras Naturales

The Bribri community invests eco tourism tour revenue into infrastructure, student support, and job creation. 

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