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Ancient Ruins & Volcanoes

Where we will stay...

✓  2 Nights Accommodation

✓  Private Bedroom

✓  Private Bathroom

✓  2 Full Breakfasts

✓  2 Dinners

Situated in a beautiful garden setting along the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano, Guayabo lodge is a warm and inviting ecolodge offering guests breathtaking views of the valley below. On a clear day you can see ash from the active (but not erupting) Turrialba Volcano. 

What we will see...
Guayabo National Monument_900.jpg

Hike through the ruins of Guayabo and learn about the ancient civilizations that once lived there. Look for wildlife while taking in the beauty of this pristine national landmark.


A short drive will take you to the crater of the highest active volcano in Costa Rica. The crater is characterized as a bright green lake. Irazu has not erupted since 1994 but it is always a possibility! 

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