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OBX - Birding the Banks Tour (5 Days)  $849 per person 

February 15 - 19, 2022 (5 days/4 nights)


The Outer Banks of North Carolina are a bird watchers paradise in the winter. Thousands of ducks, snow geese, and tundra swans spend the winter season in the endless marshes and flooded fields along the eastern edge of North Carolina and flocks of razorbills, gannets, and the occasional shearwater come close to shore. This 5 day tour will take you to the best birding spots on the islands as well as fantastic spots further inland. The exact itinerary will change based on what birds are being reported as well as by what species guests want to target, but the places we can visit include:


  • The world famous Jenette’s Pier to scope for alcids, eiders, gannets, and hopefully a shearwater.

  • Pea Island

  • Bodie Island Lighthouse

  • Oregon Inlet

  • Cape Hatteras

  • Alligator River NWR

  • Lake Mattamuskeet

  • Pungo Lake

  • Nags Head Woods Preserve

  • The Duck Boardwalk

  • The side of the road if we spot something cool while driving

Cost includes group lodging at hand selected Airbnb w/ private room and bathroom, breakfast each morning, expert guides, and entrance fees. Transportation is provided once you arrive at the OBX.

Snow Geese Flight.jpg
Marbled Godwits.jpg
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