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Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is the most biodiverse country on the planet with some of the most friendly people you will ever meet. Epic Nature Tours will guide you to hidden places off the beaten path and away from the "Crowd Forests" to show you the real Costa Rica!

Catato's (Kah-ta-toe) Cacao and Medicinal Plant Tour

Costa Rica – the name conjures images of lush rainforests, white sand beaches with turquoise blue waters, and towering mountain ranges. The name translates to ‘Rich Coast’ and it definitely lives up to its name. Costa Rica is the most biodiverse country on the planet, with over 800 species of birds and thousands of other species calling this land their home. With a stable government and low crime rate, Costa Rica is the most popular destination for eco-tourism in Central America, with millions of people visiting the country every year.

The thing about Costa Rica is that most people who visit this amazing country all go to the same few places. They spend a few days in the “crowd forests” of Monte Verde, and the crowded beaches on Tamarindo and Jaco. They go deep sea fishing out of Quepos and spend most of their visit in very Americanized settings. While these spots are beautiful, and make for great vacations, there is a totally different and much richer experience waiting for you if you know where to look.

Take the narrow winding roads through jungles and farms,

to the out-of-the-way little towns,

and see what wonders are

waiting to be discovered.

Amanda and I have spent months in this remarkable country, traveling all over and finding the little out of the way places that are truly magical, and well off the beaten path. A tiny fraction of the visitors to Costa Rica get to experience the rich culture and stunning wildlife of the South Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. The little town of Manzanillo is almost on the Panama border and is home to the best seafood on the planet; as well as Great Green Macaws, which are being reintroduced into the region by the amazing work of the ARA Project.

Only a few dozen of the millions of tourists who visit Costa Rica will travel up the Yorkin River by dugout canoe to visit an indigenous Bri Bri community; where they make chocolate just like they used to do thousands of years ago. Waking up in a fancy hotel overlooking a crowded tropical beach is fine, but I prefer to wake up in a small, family owned and operated jungle eco-lodge to the sounds of howler monkeys and tropical birds outside the window.

At Epic Nature Tours, we work hard to make sure you see the side of Costa Rica that other tourists don’t get to see. The big group bus tours don’t visit the hidden gems of this remarkable country. We limit our tours to small groups, and use local, knowledgeable, certified guides. This allows us to show you the true spirit of this Epic land, its people, and culture. It is an experience you will never forget!

-Paul Laurent


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