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Custom & Private Tours

The only thing better than a naturalist guided small group tour of Costa Rica is a PRIVATE naturalist guided tour of Costa Rica.


If you are looking for a truly one of a kind Costa Rican Adventure, Epic Nature Tours now offers private, custom tours. Give us a call or email us and we will talk with you to decide what parts of Costa Rica you want to explore and what kind of activities you and your group are interested in, then send you a detailed itinerary for you to consider. We can customize every aspect of your tour to make it exactly what you want.


Pricing varies depending on the size of your group, length of the tour, activities planned, and regions visited. We lodge and dine at hand selected, locally owned and operated ecolodges that have earned our seal of approval.


Here are just a few of the amazing places we can explore:

Squirrel Monkey.jpg

Osa Peninsula (Southern Pacific)

It’s called “the most biologically intense place on earth” for good reason. The Osa Peninsula has the highest biodiversity of any place on the planet and is a must visit for birders and nature lovers! Osa is one of the most remote parts of Costa Rica, so plan on staying for a little while.

Scarlet Macaw

Carara National Park & Tarcoles River (Central Pacific)

Carara National Park sits on the Pacific Coast and is the border of the tropical dry forests to the north and the tropical rainforests to the south. This makes it home to an incredible variety of species from both habitats. The nearby Tarcoles River is home to giant crocodiles, huge numbers of wading birds, and lush mangrove swamps.


Cloud Forest (Highlands)

The highland cloud forest of the Savegre Valley is home to dozens of species of birds found nowhere else on earth, as well as a resident population of Resplendent Quetzals! The stunningly beautiful valley high in the mountains is a true bird watchers paradise!


Ancient Ruins & Volcanoes (Mid-High Elevations)

The Guayabo Monument  sits on the slope of the Turrialba Volcano and is the oldest and largest pre-columbian ruins in Costa Rica. Set deep in the jungle, the clearings excavated by archeologists have created a fantastic place for birdwatching as well as an incredible cultural experience. Nearby the Irazu Volcano lies dormant, with one of its three calderas now a beautiful turquoise-blue lake. The heights of Irazu are home to a completely different variety of birds and the rugged landscape feels more like the surface of the moon than a tropical rainforest.

Great Green Macaw.jpg

Southern-Caribbean Lowlands & Indigenous Experience

The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is one of the hidden gems of this amazing country. Home to lush jungles, pristine tropical beaches, flocks of Great Green Macaws, and incredible wildlife all around. As a part of this adventure we travel by motorized dugout canoe up the Sierpe River to spend a night in an indigenous Bribri community where we will learn how to make chocolate from the descendents of the people who first invented it thousands of years ago. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience!

Silver-throated Tanager.jpg

Caribbean Foothills 

As the mountains begin to rise up from the Caribbean Lowlands we enter a narrow zone of tropical rainforest that gets over 20 feet of rain a year. This small area is home to huge numbers of hummingbirds, tanagers, and much more. Many species can only be found in this small and unique environment.

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